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SA Ahad
Jul 31, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
There are tasks we just don't want to do, such as shy people who want to avoid visiting unfamiliar clients. And through self-exploration, when you find that certain tasks make you want to use distraction to escape every time, you need to explore deeper reasons, maybe this job is not for you. Second, set limits on yourself, eliminate sources of interference, and establish a "Ulysses Agreement": The name comes from Greek mythology. According to legend, King Ulysses had to pass through the island where the sea monster "Sirens" lived on his way back to his hometown. Tie him tightly to the mast to safely cross the popular database dangerous waterway. Faced with distracting temptations, like Ulysses' self-imposed limitations ( Ulysses Pact ), lock yourself in the task, in order to eliminate all outside interference. Smartphones are a source of distraction, but luckily they also bring attention tools. Eyal says that when he needs to focus on writing, he uses an app called Forest , which blocks cellphone distractions for a certain amount of time. " Focus on the Forest" is to encourage people to temporarily leave the temptation of mobile phones through the sense of accomplishment and responsibility for planting trees. When using it, first put distracting websites, such as Facebook, Reddit, etc., into the Blacklist. When you need to concentrate, open "Focus Forest" and plant a sapling, then turn off your phone and start doing things, the sapling will grow into a big tree in 30 minutes. But if you can't stand it and get into a website on your phone's blacklist within 30 minutes, the tree will wither and won't grow.
When you start paying attention to how you feel content media
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SA Ahad

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